Charlish & Co is an exciting wine brand created by award-winning chef, Rebecca Stubbs, in collaboration with her partner of 20 years, Duane Coates MW. While Rebecca’s long and storied career in the hospitality industry has undoubtedly informed her approach to Charlish & Co, its inspiration can be traced to her mother, a fabulous cook who instilled in Rebecca a passion for all things delicious. Hence ‘Charlish’ & Co, bringing together collaboration, company and community.

'It all begins with the quality of the raw ingredients'

Rebecca works closely with a small group of passionate wine growers to source
exceptional parcels of fruit, carefully selected for their particular
characteristics. Then, by adopting a minimum intervention process in the winery, showcases these qualities in the finished wines.

The resulting wines are modern in style, yet draw on Old World traditions. They are wines of texture and balance, made to be enjoyed with food and also
delicious on their own.

The Charlish & Co label features a
‘bird’s-eye-view’ depiction of the complex patterns that emerge and evolve as a
wine’s lees are settled under the gentle influence of gravity.

Meet the Crew

We are a motley crew of the two legged and four legged variety who are passionate and maybe slightly eccentric about all that we do...

Well hello there..

  • Packaging

    Locally manufactured glass, labels & brown minimally inked cartons are a better choice for the environment

  • Recycle

    Odd sized pallets from bottling are donated to schools for students to use in wood work education rather than landfill. Boxes re purposed or re used.

  • Low Wine Miles

    As much as possible is done on site by us including processing, bottling and storage. This massively reduces 'wine miles'

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