Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Noc Cham

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Noc Cham

Foods from Vietnam, so fresh and flavoursome. Loaded with texture and plays on salty, sweet and sour, great hot weather eating. Our Charlish & Co Rose, made in a dry style, works so well with this. The hints of tropical flavours, great acid and textured length makes it super easy to match with this kind of food (amongst many others). It’s refreshing and keeps you going back for more especially those crunchy pork crackle bites!!


This is a really versatile dish, we are so lucky in Australia to have so many high quality ingredients at our finger tips, very easy to swap out a lot of what is below to what ever you like. The rules are simple, dressing needs to be intense, your salad to be generous with herbs and always include a fruit element to give more texture and pops of sweetness, these can include;

green or slightly under ripe mango/pawpaw/pineapple, granny smith apple or green grapes.


Serves 6


Nuoc Cham (Dressing)

1 Red chilli (as much as you can tolerate)

1 Garlic

35ml Fish sauce (4 crab or mega chef the best brands around)

100ml water

20g Palm sugar (raw sugar will work)

2 large limes juiced


Chop garlic and chilli as fine as possible then mix all together until sugar has dissolved


If you want your dressing more sour, add more fresh lime, saltier, add more fish sauce sweeter, add more sugar. It is strong but, you only add as much as you prefer to your salad and its a fab sauce for dipping poached meats, dumplings and spring rolls into




600g cooked fish (chicken, roasted or bbq pork also works) broken into pieces

2 small pkts vermicelli noodles, soaked in very hot water for 5 minutes then drained

½ sml bunch each of Vietnamese mint, mint, thai or purple basil, coriander (washed)

1 sml bag fresh bean sprouts

2 spring onions (sliced thin)

1 continental cucumber or baby cucumbers (sliced thin)

2 green mango (sliced thin)

½ bag pork crackle/scratchings

Nuoc cham


Chop coriander and pick all herbs. Use a pair of scissors to chop the noodles a few times


When ready to serve, add all except the (pork crackle and dressing) ingredients to a large bowl, toss gently with half the dressing, add more if you prefer for more pop. Serve in a large bowl or on platter and scatter broken pork crackle over the top with more crackle and nuoc cham served separately so people can help themselves if they wish